Taking Your Union To The Next Level

BCT recognizes the importance of unions in the workplace and empowers them with the technologies to maximize their effectiveness. Our technicians have the experience to address all of your IT support needs and progress your union to industry standards.

Here are some case studies on how BCT has helped unions optimize their organization and become more effective with their resources.

Case Study 1:

Problem: Each department at the union office was collecting information about union and non union jobs. The information was collected in separate databases and required large amounts of paperwork and resources. 

Solution: BCT created a single custom SQL database to organize and share the information across all the departments. BCT also changed major parts of the data entry process to web forms and electronic submissions. The result was that the departments were able to collaborate with the shared data and reduced the amount of time needed for data collection and reports.

Case Study 2:

Problem:  A frustrated union was considering changing their IT service provider and requested the help from BCT. The new union client was moving to a new location and had a network that was slow and randomly crashed. They had several servers and 40+ workstations. 

Solution: BCT created a plan for moving to a new facility while at the same time upgrading their network to industry standards. The plan allowed client to optimize the network infrastructure and smoothly move to the new facility in one weekend.

Case Study 3:

Problem: Over 50 employees of a Union were submitting timesheets by paper or in MS excel. Each timesheet had to be approved by 2 supervisors and the accounting department. The process took a long time, the employee did not know the status of their timesheet, nor did they know if their reimbursable expenses were approved. 

Solution: BCT created a custom electronic database that allowed the supervisors to review and approve the timesheets with just several clicks. The employees now have the ability to always log in to the database and see the status of their timesheet and as well as attach scaned copies of their expense receipts. The database also provided the organization the ability to create custom reports on productivity and expenses.

Case Study 4:

Problem: Large Union client had multiple offices in different parts of the country. The employees of the union had to do a lot for traveling. The work data across the offices was poorly shared and the employees stored everything on their laptops. When laptops got damaged or stolen all of the work was lost. 

Solution: BCT was able to put all the offices on a single secure and encrypted network. We then synchronized the servers in each office and enabled them to work together. This allowed programs, documents and information to be easily shared between all of the offices. This also allowed the network to have redundancy should any one of the servers fail. We then created a system where the data on the employee laptops was synchronized with the server whenever the laptops were plugged into the office network. If a laptop got damaged or stolen, the user could just login to another machine and retrieve all their files from the last server synchronization.

BCT work with many unions and understand their IT service needs. Call us to see how our managed IT support services can help your union.