Prevent and Protect

Business Computer Technicians works with you to actively prevent and protect from computer problems and disasters.  We first start with organization. If you are overwhelmed with the clutter of software keys and passwords, don’t worry. We can create a documented portfolio, inventory your entire network and keep track of:

Common items we track and document

  • Passwords
  • Software keys
  • Network layout
  • IP Addresses
  • Expiring software subscriptions
  • New machine setup checklist
  • Employee setup checklist
  • Warranties
  • Other networking information

In addition, we provide each of our clients with a computer problems log book. This is to keep track of all the problems that occur and ensure that those issues do not repeat themselves. To eliminate new problems we take the following proactive approach:

Out techs will

  • Backup all your critical data as ALL hard drives WILL fail eventually
  • Check all the event logs daily which contain warnings of potential disasters
  • Monitor warranty information to make sure your investments are protected
  • Install the latest security patches and updates to prevent intruders from exploiting software flaws
  • Monitor network traffic for infected machines
  • Actively check for security policy violators and hack attempts

Our managed network service plan protects company data, monitors network security and ensures the best server up times.

Through a combination of simple and proactive steps, we lower your IT support cost by eliminating common IT problems.  Call us at our Seattle location 206-915-8324.

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