Just like cars require regular maintenance and service, so do servers and computers. For this reason we have developed our preventative maintenance service to minimize serious errors by ensuring that small errors do not escalate to costly disasters. Here is a list of some common mistakes which can often become serious problems:

  • Not verifying the contents of your nightly backups
  • Thinking that hackers will not target your business
  • Giving users more access privileges than they need to be productive
  • Not upgrading from older unsupported operating systems
  • Waiting for legacy devices to break before replacing them

Preventative Maintenance

means we show up on a regular basis, run a series of scans and tests searching for potential problems. All discovered threats are eliminated, backups are made, drivers are updated, current security patches are installed, and local security levels are checked. After all required security measures are taken we optimize the hard drive, software, and operating system for peak computer performance. Additional benefits to this package include the free email and phone support with prioritized scheduling. To find out more, give us a call.

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