Security is without a doubt emerging as one of the most important elements in IT planning and implementation. Companies and individual users alike are being bombarded with more and more devastating attacks than ever before – and many are not winning the fight against today’s new breed of IT criminals.

In the past, virus-writers were typically trying to test their technical expertise and their reward was glory rather than money. These days personal information, quickbooks files, sensitive company files and account information is just as good as cash. Hackers target vulnerable businesses and sell the information overseas. Identity thieves do the rest.

From our consulting experience the most common vulnerabilities in companies are:

  • Employees having unrestricted network access which can lead to potential theft of information. i.e. through a USB drive
  • Computers intended for public use have secure access to private server data
  • Laptops have unencrypted hard-disks, if stolen a hacker can use it to connect to secure server data
  • Weak (WEP) security on wireless networks, can be hacked in minutes
  • Weak password like: 12345 or password or putting a password on a sticky note under the keyboard
  • Improper networking and securities configurations

There are many more threats, but our technicians stay up-to-date with the most current forms of hacker attacks and are trained on how to prevent them. Securing the network should be at the top of every company’s list. 

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