How fast will you recover?

Imagine that your company data server(s) crashed. Some of us would say we have a backup of the data. However, most don’t realize how long a backup restoration process takes and the cost it has on your business. Here are some of the time consuming steps that occur during a data recovery process:

  • Server has to be repaired physically and correct parts have to be ordered
  • Server operating system, drivers, programs from CDs and updates have to be reinstalled from original CDs
  • On a domain controller all the users have to be recreated
  • On an email server all the mailboxes have to be recreated and old emails have to be imported into the mailbox store
  • Group policies and security settings must be recreated
  • Every device/machine on the network has to be rechecked to make sure it can connect to server
  • Workstations may have to be rejoined to the domain and old user profiles need to be migrated on EACH machine
  • Backup data is incrementally restored to server
  • Sharing permissions for the data are set
  • And the list goes on…

This process takes at least 2 – 5 DAYS if all data, program CD’s, server parts and software licenses are available. We are also assuming you have an accurate backup of the data. How much money does 2 – 5 days of network down time cost to your business?


Prepare a backup server that has your company’s data synchronized with the new server. If the main server fails, have the backup server take over while we repair your main server.




In addition to your data backups, we have a live virtual backup of your server. This image can be mounted on a virtual machine and temporarily run as your backup server


By having the experience with new technologies, our technicians can help ensure that IT nightmare scenarios cause barely a wrinkle in your day. We know that most managed IT and network service companies provide data backups; we just do it better.

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