Legal Firm IT Support

Law firms depend on BCT to advise and deliver managed IT solutions that address the challenges of their organization. Over the years we have helped numerous law firm practices answer questions like:

  • How do we improve collaboration and document management?
  • What legal software should we upgrade to or purchase for our firm?
  • How can we access our office files remotely and securely?
  • What server infrastructure do we need to support our growing practice?
  • What cloud solutions will work best for our firm?

We can help you answer any of these questions as well as provide you with a comprehensive IT audit that will give you all to information you need to make the appropriate decision. Our technicians work with legal firms on a daily basis and are familiar with most legal software and applications. Some of the common legal software we work on include:

  • TimeMatters (Lexis Nexis software)
  • Time Slips (Sage software)
  • Abacus Law
  • Needles
  • Case Manager
  • QuickBooks, PeachTree, MAS 90, MAS 200 (accounting software)
  • And many cloud based applications

Call us or fill out the contact form to schedule a comprehensive evaluation by one of our advanced technicians.