Managed Network Solutions

Business Computer Technicians can manage all aspects of your technology needs so that you can do what you do best. Imagine not having to worry about response times or system up time because we stand behind our SLA’s (Service Level Agreements). You will not need to worry about having to call us about your company’s backups, we monitor, validate and restore the backups for you.
Never lose sleep over hacker attacks on your network, we setup and monitor your firewalls, networks and devices.

We configure live status reports to be sent from servers, computers, printers and other network devices to our technicians.  Our technicians translate the reports into useful information like:

  • The computer is running out of free space
  • Someone is trying to hack into your network
  • Printer ink is running low
  • The website is visited 180 times a day from a certain computer
  • A virus on the network has been sending out spam through your internet connection
  • A device in the server is malfunctioning and may be about to fail
  • The server is overheating
  • There are errors being generated in the event logs
  • A RAID array hard drive that has failed

This allows us to see the health and status of your infrastructure in a single glance and react accordingly. Many times we can see the problem and report it to the client before they even notice. We are a leading Seattle based MSP (Managed Service Provider).

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