Computer Maintenance

is an important part of IT management and proper maintenance will help ensure your employees aren’t paid to watch computer progress bars and load screens. Just like cars require regular service and oil changes, your workstations and all their apps require constant security and performance updates. Our focus is to make your company as productive and efficient as possible. Not performing regular maintenance will eventually lead to:

Common issues we prevent

  • Security vulnerabilities and possible data leaks
  • Slower worker performance due to wait time
  • Unexpected crashes and down time
  • Shorter life span of your workstations
  • Additional break/fix costs

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BCT aims to eliminate these headaches and ensure that your business is always running at peak performance. We do this by:

  • Performing maintenance on all your system software (Adobe, Java, MS Office, etc…) not just Windows.
  • Conveniently scheduling maintenance to be run during non-business hours.
  • Spotting any potential problems like hard drive errors or failing hardware.
  • Tailoring our maintenance tasks to meet your business needs

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