IT supporter for multiple civic and non-profit organizations

What happens when a civic organization like yours meets IT experts like us? You get the ability to streamline your organization, get the most from your data, secure your network and utilize today’s technology today. We know that nonprofit organizations are still struggling with standard IT services and infrastructure issues.

Because information is at the heart of what most nonprofit organizations do, information technology plays an increasingly essential role. Within the nonprofit sector, there’s a range of capability and need, from organizations that have only obsolete equipment to global nonprofits that run like large corporations and use enterprise-level systems like:

  • Kintera
  • Convio
  • Salesforce
  • Or a custom databases that we can develop for you.

BCT are the experts that can sift through the mess of information technology options and provide you with expert IT leadership for your organization. Our managed IT services and IT consulting can free your business to focus on what you do best. We take into account your fiscal restrictions as well as your organizations ability to adapt to change. So join the many not for profit organizations that have experienced the benefits of using BCT and reach a better tomorrow today.