Computer Assurance Services: Provides you with monthly updates on the health status of your computers and allows you to get immediate support at wholesale prices.

HOW DOES THIS WORK? A computer health program is installed on each machine that you want be reported on. This program requires minimal resources and runs in the background. It sends out technical computer information to secure BCT servers. Every month the information is compiled into easy to understand reports and is sent to you in an email. This report provides you with:

  • A list problems your computers have and their severity (What is broken)
  • The stress levels and work load of your computers (Do I need to upgrade)
  • If windows, antivirus or software is up to date (Am I protected)

When your computers log critical errors (i.e. hard disk failing), BCT will email you an alert immediately warning you of potential failure.

If you determine that the problems on the reports need expert support, BCT techs are standing by to offer immediate remote support. The best part is that this support is at a wholesale price. With Computer Assurance Services you always know the status of your computers and save money on necessary repairs.

Additional Benefits:

  • Work with a local IT company directly
  • Computer technicians will focus on fixing problems rather than wasting time trying to find out what the problems are
  • Get exclusive access to commercial cloud services (Cloud Backups, Exchange Cloud Email, Web Hosting, etc…)
  • Access to senior level IT consultants for large server/network projects
  • Ability to upgrade to managed IT solutions (Server, Network, Database, Firewall, VPN, etc…)

Cost: Annual Billing per computer (about $6 – $8 a month)

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