Configuring & Running Auto Archive in Outlook 2007

Why should I Archive and what does Auto Archive do?

Your Microsoft Exchange Server manages and stores your company emails. As more and more emails are sent and received the Exchange Server has to work harder and longer to processes your requests. After a certain point the email store can become huge and unmanageable and cause the Microsoft Exchange Server to become unstable.

Auto Archiving is a process of moving older emails off of the server and onto your local computer. This frees up resources on the Exchange Server to run smoother and faster. Your Archived emails are still accessible to you on your local computer when you need them.

For the few of you that do not regularly use the same computer but instead use a different company computer every day, this process will be a little different for you and will require assistance for an IT professional. Give us a call and we will be happy to explain and configure your Exchange Server.

For the rest of us, lets begin by opening Outlook.

How To Configure and Enable AutoArchive settings in Outlook:

1. From the Tools menu click Options

Microsoft Office 2007 Auto Archive

2. Select the Other tab.

Microsoft Outlook 2007 Auto Archive

3. Click AutoArchive.

Microsoft Outlook 2007 Auto Archive

4. Select and change the options you want for AutoArchive.

HINT: We recommend setting Archiving to run every 7-20 days and cleaning out items older than 6 months. Your settings may vary depending on how many emails you get.

5. Click Apply these settings to all folders now to apply the new options to all folders (This overrides any custom archive settings applied to individual folders). Now click OK.

WARNING: Make sure that you do NOT check the Permanently delete old items doing so will DELETE your old emails instead of Archiving them.

That is it, you are now configured to auto archive. You will now be prompted every 7-20 days (depending on what you set) to Auto Archive your emails. If you have been a while since you Archived your email you may want to manually start the Archive process.

Lets MANUALLY start Auto Archiving in Outlook 2007:

1. From the Tools menu click the Mailbox Cleanup menu option.

2. Click the AutoArchive button to archive older items and emails from the server to your computer.

3. After archiving, you will now find archived emails under the Archive Folders underneath the Mailbox folder section.

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