The Best Email Solution: In-House, Cloud or Both

As a business, you either host your email on your local server or use an email hosting provider such as Google, GoDaddy, NetFirms, etc… Both of these options have their advantages and disadvantages which will differ depending on many factors.

In-House Email Server

If you host your emails on a local server using products such as MS Exchange or Zimbra you may encounter problems such as:

  • Server being flooded with spam, viruses and malware leading to infected machines
  • Server may get blacklisted and causing clients to reject your emails
  • Internet connection goes down halting all internal and external emails.
  • Continuous maintenance and backups of the server are required.
  • Lost emails when your server is down from any of the above

So why do some businesses often opt for a local server despite these headaches?

Because emails that are stored locally can be accessed quicker than emails stored online.  Businesses like having complete control of the entire email system, including response time to incidents.  Another benefit is the option to  monitor who has physical and remote access to the server at any given time.  Plus many of the in-house email server products have wonderful tools for collaboration of emails, calendars, notes and contacts throughout the office.

Cloud Email Service

If you host your business emails “in the cloud”  some common problems you may encounter are:

  • Collaboration difficulties with  emails, calendars and contacts across same domain accounts
  • Web email access has limited email manipulation and creation features.
  • The remote server can go down and you may not be able to retrieve your emails
  • Users must stay online to read and write more than one email.
  • Limited storage space set on email host

So what are some reasons that businesses often opt for use of online email provider despite these issues?

One reason is that most of the cloud email hosting providers have a robust SPAM and virus solution.  It means not having to pay monthly subscription fees or having to download updates. The two big issues that can crash and cause emails to stop coming in altogether. Using an online email providor also means that there is no additional software required to install and maintain. This often makes most email hosting services a cheaper option when compared to the cost of a local server.

Both In-House and Cloud

With BCT a business can get the benefits of both email solutions while removing a majority of the disadvantages. For our clients we can creatively setup their email server to work WITH the cloud hosted service.  This setup is not for everyone and requires both the local email server and an email hosting account in the cloud. However, most our clients find that the PROS outweigh the CONS.

The PROS of having BOTH an in-house server and storing email in the cloud:

  • Saves your business reoccurring costs on SPAM and AntiVirus subscriptions
  • Since the cloud email provider is responsible for sending and receiving emails, your emails  and server cannot get black listed
  • Should your cloud hosted email server fail you can still view, send, and receive emails via the in-house server
  • Should the in-house server  fail you can still view, send, and receive emails via the cloud hosted email server
  • Reduce the amount of time needed for server maintenance due to email SPAM, viruses and phishing attacks

The CONS of having BOTH an in-house server and storing email in the cloud:

  • You must have both, email server and an email hosting account in the cloud
  • Solution does not work for clients which are cannot store email data outside of their office


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