Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Make You More Productive

Ctrl + Tab = Switches between the Start screen and the Apps view. With some web browsers the same shortcut can switch between tabs (e.g. Firefox) or for creating new tabs (e.g. IE).

Win Key + type app name = When using it on the Desktop, you get the Start-screen and can search for installed apps using the name you typed in.

Escape – When using it on the Start screen, the key closes the Start-screen and switches to Desktop.

Win Key + E = Launches File Explorer.

Win Key + R = Launches the Run dialog that can run programs or commands.

Win Key + X = Launches a hidden menu with many useful shortcuts. This menu is also named the WinX or the power user’s Start Menu.

Win Key + L = Locks your Win 8.1 PC or device and takes you to the Lock screen.

Win Key + P = Opens the Project sidebar for extending your image to a second screen. If you have more screens or if  using a projector, this sidebar allows you to choose how the image can be displayed. You can keep the image on a single screen, duplicate it and extend it to another screen or only display on an additional screen.

Win Key + C =Displays the Charms bar. Navigate through the charms with the arrow keys.

Win Key + Q = Launches the General Search. Use this to search for files and settings on your PC, the Web, and One Drive, as well as through installed apps and the Win Store.

Win Key + F = Launches the Files Search. Use this to search for files on your PC and One Drive.

Win Key + W = Launches the Win Settings Search. Use this to search for specific operating system settings by typing in certain keywords.

Win Key + I = Displays the Settings charm.

Win Key + H = Launches the Share charm.

Win Key + K = Displays the Devices charm.

Alt + Tab = Repeatedly pressing the Tab key while holding Alt pressed cycles through open Win and apps. Release tab key on the window or app that you want to open.

Ctrl + Alt + Tab = This combination of keys displays the list of open Win and apps and keeps the list on screen even after the keys are released. You can then navigate through open Win and apps using the arrow keys.


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