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Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Make You More Productive

Keyboard, Shortcuts, Windows 7, Windows 8.1| By Technician
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Ctrl + Tab = Switches between the Start screen and the Apps view. With some web browsers the same shortcut can switch between tabs (e.g. Firefox) or for creating new tabs (e.g. IE).   Win Key + type app name = When using it on the Desktop, you get the Start-screen and can search for installed apps using the name you typed in.   Escape – When using it on the Start screen,...

Critical server checks IT often neglects

cleanup, IT Support, prevention, Servers| By Technician
(PART 1 of 2) The purpose of this article is to help business owners verify that their  servers are maintained properly by their IT support technician. It is our experience that many (non-BCT) IT support technicians skip basic server checks and regular monitoring; as a direct result of their negligence the business suffers from a server failure.     Scary...

Critical server checks IT often neglects (Part 2)

cleanup, IT Support, pervention, server| By Technician
(PART 2 of 2) Scary Disclaimer: Even though most of these steps may be easy, anyone following them should use caution and acknowledge that you are doing this at your own risk. If at any point you are unsure of what to do or how to do it, then DON’T DO IT and ask an IT support professional for help. We are not responsible for any server, hardware or data failures. *The following...

The Best Email Solution: In-House, Cloud or Both

Cloud, Email Hosting, Email Server, Exchange, Servers| By Technician
  As a business, you either host your email on your local server or use an email hosting provider such as Google, GoDaddy, NetFirms, etc… Both of these options have their advantages and disadvantages which will differ depending on many factors. In-House Email Server If you host your emails on a local server using products such as MS Exchange or Zimbra you may encounter problems...

Disk Cleanup

By Technician
Disk Cleanup
Disk Cleanup utility is part of every windows operating system to help the system run faster, free hard drive space and clean the computer from unnecessary clutter. It can be accessed by opening My Computer in Windows XP or the computer icon Computer in Windows 7 (Keyboard Shortcut “Windows logo + E”) and by right clicking the properties of the local hard disk. “Disk...

Top Keyboard shortcuts to keep in mind

By Technician
Using keyboard shortcuts can make your life easier, save time and help keep you focused while you are working on a computer. Not having to move the mouse every time you need to perform certain task can eliminate a lot of wasteful time. For example, lets say you need to leave the computer for about 30 minutes. It is good practice to lock your computer when you walk away from it. If you logoff,...

Configuring & Running Auto Archive in Outlook 2007

Exchange Server, Outlook| By Technician
Why should I Archive and what does Auto Archive do? Your Microsoft Exchange Server manages and stores your company emails. As more and more emails are sent and received the Exchange Server has to work harder and longer to processes your requests. After a certain point the email store can become huge and unmanageable and cause the Microsoft Exchange Server to become unstable. Auto Archiving is a...


HyperV, Server virtualization, Servers, Virtual Machines, VMWare, Xen| By Technician
THE BENEFITS OF SERVER VIRTUALIZATION First, a quick summery of server virtualization for the uninitiated. Server virtualization is a way of running multiple servers on a single physical machine. Each virtual server or virtual machine thinks it is running on its own physical machine while in reality it is just using resources allocated to it by the host. Wikipedia Now on to the list: Cuts...
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Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Make You More Productive
Keyboard, Shortcuts, Windows 7, Windows 8.1