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Critical server checks IT often neglects

March 5th, 2013| cleanup, IT Support, prevention, Servers| By Technician
(PART 1 of 2) The purpose of this article is to help business owners verify that their  servers are maintained properly by their IT support technician. It is our experience that many (non-BCT) IT support technicians skip basic server checks and regular monitoring; as a direct result of their negligence the business suffers from a server failure.     Scary...

Critical server checks IT often neglects (Part 2)

March 5th, 2013| cleanup, IT Support, pervention, server| By Technician
(PART 2 of 2) Scary Disclaimer: Even though most of these steps may be easy, anyone following them should use caution and acknowledge that you are doing this at your own risk. If at any point you are unsure of what to do or how to do it, then DON’T DO IT and ask an IT support professional for help. We are not responsible for any server, hardware or data failures. *The following...

Disk Cleanup

October 26th, 2011| By Technician
Disk Cleanup utility is part of every windows operating system to help the system run faster, free hard drive space and clean the computer from unnecessary clutter. It can be accessed by opening My Computer in Windows XP or the computer icon Computer in Windows 7 (Keyboard Shortcut “Windows logo + E”) and by right clicking the properties of the local hard disk. “Disk...
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